Organized Retail Theft Sting Operation - Lowe's

Posted on Tuesday May 21, 2019
Contact: Officer Tim Aycock
                Public Information Officer
                [email protected]ov

May 21, 2019

We would like to announce the successful completion of an organized retail theft sting operation regarding the Lowe’s Home Improvement store located at 2115 Matthews Township Pkwy.  Due to the significantly high number of thefts reported from this store in recent months, Matthews Detectives partnered with the Lowe’s Loss Prevention Unit to conduct this operation.

This operation was initiated on April 17, 2019, and concluded on May 17, 2019.  It utilized many tactics to include surveillance, increased uniform and undercover patrols, intelligence and crime analysis.

Operation Summary (* To include open cases from multiple jurisdictions)

Offenders Charged – 14

Charges Filed – 30

*Outstanding Warrants Served - 69

*Larceny from Auto Cases Closed by Arrest – 16

*Mail Theft / Financial Fraud Cases Closed by Arrest - 5

*Property Recovered - $5,870.00

Organized Retail Theft is unfortunately an ongoing problem for many jurisdictions in our region.  We want our citizens, business owners and visitors to know that we are highly focused on this issue and will continue to use every measure at our disposal to combat it.  We owe the success of this operation to a collaborative effort between our Detectives, Lowe’s Loss Prevention and our continued partnership with neighboring law enforcement agencies.


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