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Posted on Wednesday July 31, 2019
Contact: Officer Tim Aycock
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July 31, 2019

We are excited to announce the purchase of 11 new Cardiac Science G5 Defibrillators for our Automated External Defibrillator (AED) Program made possible by a very generous donation of $15,000.00 from Novant Health.  These units will be used as replacements for some of our current ones that are still functional but do, however, possess older technology and are no longer supported by the manufacturer which limits the number of remaining replacement pads/supplies available.  These new defibrillators are lighter, more durable, less expensive than the previous ones, and come with extended warranties which will enable us to utilize them longer.

“The AED is a vital part of the best-practices recommendations for the immediate care of a person who experiences sudden cardiac arrest, “said Roland Bibeau, president, and chief operating officer of Novant Health Matthews Medical Center.  “These AEDs enable the Matthews Police Department to better care for our community in the event of an emergency, when time is of the utmost importance.”

The Matthews Police Department implemented an AED program approximately 13 years ago intending to someday hopefully have enough AED’s to have the ability to assign one to each officer.  This goal was eventually achieved and we feel that is it vital to maintain that level of preparedness should any of our officer’s need to help someone during a cardiac episode.  The fact that the American Heart Association estimates more than a 90 percent chance of survival with the use of an AED immediately after sudden cardiac arrest, only emphasizes the importance of every Matthews officer having this equipment readily available.

“When Novant Health found out that we were looking at ways to start upgrading our AED’s, they immediately asked how they could help,” said Matthews Police Chief, Clark A. Pennington.  “It’s such an overwhelming feeling when you have community partners that are willing to help provide lifesaving equipment to our officers.  We all benefit when our officers have the best tools possible.”

AED Donation - Novant health



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