Appearance/Tree Advisory Committee


The Matthews Appearance/Tree Advisory Committee makes a study of the visual characteristics and needs of the Town and promotes those activities and programs that enhance the Town character, preserving and beautifying the landscape, in order to make Matthews a cleaner, greener, and more aesthetically pleasing community.


The Appearance/Tree Committee is composed of seven members appointed by the Matthews Board of Commissioners. A staff member acts as liaison to the Committee. Where possible, appointments are made in such a manner as to maintain on the Committee at all times a majority of members who have had special training or experience in a design field, such as architecture, landscape architecture, horticulture, city planning or a closely-related field. It is also desirable to have members with special training or experience in forestry.


Meetings of the Appearance/Tree Advisory Committee are held on the third Monday of every month at 7:00 p.m. at the Matthews Community Center. All meetings are open to the public and conform to the North Carolina Open Meetings Law.

Appointment Term:

Members of the Appearance/Tree Advisory Committee serve two-year terms without a limit on the number of terms a member may serve.


Any member, who shall fail to attend at least 75% of the regular and special meetings during any one-year period, may be removed. The Chairperson shall notify the Matthews Town Board of Commissioners of any member who shall so fail to attend. The vacancy can be filled, upon recommendation of the Committee liaison and Chairperson, by the Matthews Town Board of Commissioners.

Agendas and Minutes:

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