The Stormwater Division is in charge of building and maintaining the Town's stormwater infrastructure. This includes pipes, drainage inlets, swales, ditches and streams. Mecklenburg County is responsible for the maintenance of the major streams and rivers in Matthews.

Drainage Issues

The Town of Matthews Stormwater Division will fix drainage problems if the water is coming from a public source, such as a street or drainage system, and if the repair serves some public good.

If you have a qualifying drainage issue within the Town right-of-way, contact Mecklenburg County at 311 (local) or 704-336-7600.

Qualifying problems include:

  • Flooding in the living space,
  • Severe stream bank erosion,
  • Blocked creeks, storm drainage pipes or drainage ditches,
  • Undersized storm drainage pipes or culverts,
  • Sinkholes over storm drainage pipes

Problems that do not qualify include:

  • Yard flooding,
  • Drainage problems caused by landscaping,
  • Drainage concerns caused by roofing or gutter problems,
  • Water that flows from adjoining property,
  • Wet areas due to underground springs or wetlands,
  • Water standing in a drainage ditch

Before you report a drainage problem, evaluate the situation.

  • Does it happen every time it rains or only after a particularly hard rain?
  • Is it something I've done? Am I blocking a drainage path? Have I allowed trees, brush or sediment to build up in a drainage area?
  • Is it new? Has something changed the drainage pattern.

Stormwater Pollution

To report pollution problems and concerns; to ask questions regarding storm water; or for more information on our water sources, including current water quality conditions, storm water pollutants and ways to minimize them, and municipal storm water projects/activities as well as volunteer initiatives, please see the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Storm Water Services website. Please call 311 to report any possible stormwater pollution. 

Hazard Mitigation Plan

Matthews, in conjunction with Mecklenburg County and the other municipalities within Mecklenburg County, are currently updating our Hazard Mitigation Plan.  More information can be found at


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