Human Resources

Our mission is to facilitate the effective delivery of Town services by maintaining professional human resources practices and programs. We are committed to a hiring system that is efficient, unbiased and accessible to all qualified applicants.

We coordinate with other Town Departments to attract, recruit, retain, motivate, develop, and reward the town's workforce; foster equal employment opportunities for all of our citizens; maintain a safe and lawful work environment for employees; and establish cost effective procedures.

Programs and Initiatives

  • Employment and recruiting initiatives.
  • Employee development and assistance services.
  • Job classification and compensation functions.
  • Employment records and information management.
  • Employee insurances and benefits


The Department administers the hiring and promotion process for all Town of Matthews Departments and maintains job classification responsibilities and compensation programs.

The Department is responsible for the creation, maintenance and disposition of personnel records. It manages the online application process, the Department's website and other technology initiatives.

Human Resources works to enhance the productivity of the Town's workforce through a variety of programs that include training and employee development initiatives, and employee assistance services. It also develops and implements health and wellness programs.

Human Resources is responsible for managing the fiscal and administrative operations of the Department. Such functions include employee benefits, payroll status changes, background checks, pre-employment drug testing, insurances, retirement, attendance records, issuing of employee identification cards, and budget related matters.

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