July 13, 2020


Due to COVID-19 and the State of North Carolina's Phase 2 Safer at Home Executive Order, this meeting of the Matthews Board of Commissioners will be conducted remotely using the Zoom virtual meeting platform. The Town of Matthews is committed to transparency and robust public participation during these challenging times. While the public is not permitted to gather in person to participate in this meeting, there are options to participate remotely:

TO WATCH LIVE: The meeting will be available via Zoom. To join from a PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone or Android device, click this URL:  https://zoom.us/j/96350531665. An account is not necessary to join. A livestream of the meetings will also be available via the Town of Matthews YouTube Channel:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0DdNfJsqXeYtJYJfX-eqaw/featured

TO LISTEN LIVE: The meeting audio will be available by calling 888-788-0099 (Toll Free) or 877-853-5247 (Toll Free) and entering meeting ID 963 5053 1665.

TO MAKE PUBLIC COMMENTS: Public comments may be submitted in advance or given during the meeting. Public comments on any matter not related to a public hearing are limited to four minutes or approximately 500 words per comment. Comments related to the zoning public hearings are not limited in duration/length.

: Public comments may be emailed to  [email protected] or phoned in to 704-708-1222. Emails will be read into the record during the meeting. Recorded messages will be transcribed and read into the record during the meeting.

Public comments are limited to four minutes in length per person (approximately 500 words), and the Board will allocate twenty minutes to read the submitted comments. Any comments not read during the meeting due to the time limit will be recorded in the meeting minutes. Emailed comments must include the words “public comment” in the subject line and your name in the body of the message. 
These comments will be accepted through 4:00 pm on Monday, July 13, 2020.

TO MAKE A LIVE PUBLIC COMMENT DURING THE REGULAR MEETING: To comment during the meeting, by telephone or Zoom application, you must register with the Town Clerk by calling (704) 708-1222 or emailing [email protected]. To make a live comment you must register no later than 4:00 pm on Monday, July 13, 2020


JULY 13, 2020 - 7:00 PM


1. Regular Meeting Called to Order


2. Invocation/Moment of Reflection 


3. Pledge of Allegiance


4. Recognize Sister City Sainte-Maxime, France and Bastille Day


5. Present  Proclamation in Recognition of the Matthews Police Department


6. Receive Update on COVID-19 – Emergency Operations Center Commander Rob Kinniburgh


A. Discuss Joint  Proclamation Requiring Face Coverings to Be Worn in Mecklenburg County-, City of Charlotte- or Town of Matthews-Owned or Leased Buildings and Facilities, and Indoors and Outdoors When Social Distancing Cannot be Maintained


7. Items to be Added to the Agenda


8. Public Comment


9. Recess Regular Meeting for Public Hearings on Applications to Amend the Unified Development Ordinance and Land Use Map of the Town of Matthews as Follows:


A. Zoning Application 2020-710/Inner Peaks: to change the text in the UDO Table 505.2-7 to add “P” under the B-3 Zoning district to allow “indoor commercial recreation not otherwise listed” as a permitted use in the B-3 zoning district (continued from 6/8/2020)   memo  WITHDRAWN


B. Zoning Application 2020-711/Christlife Church: to change the conditions in that certain B-H(CD) district located at 1641 Matthews Township Parkway, and being the Christlife Church property, and further designated as Tax Parcels 193-292-23 & 23E, to allow ballrooms, banquets, or meetings/catering halls as a permitted use (continued from 6/8/2020)   memo PLANNING BOARD REVIEW JULY 28


C. Zoning Application 2020-712/Family Investments LLC: to change the zoning from O (office) to R-VS on that certain property located on North Freemont Street across the street from 313 and 317 North Freemont Street and being designated as Tax Parcel 19327121 (continued from 6/8/2020)  memo PLANNING BOARD REVIEW JULY 28


D. Zoning Application 2020-713/Home Depot: to change the conditions in that certain B-1(SCD) shopping center district commonly known as The Home Depot and located at 1827 Matthews Township Parkway and further designated as Tax Parcel 19323133 (continued from 6/8/2020)   memo PUBLIC HEARING CONTINUED TO AUGUST 10


E. Zoning Application 2020-714/Elizabeth Lane Elementary: to change the conditions to that existing R/I(CD) district, on that certain property commonly known as Elizabeth Lane Elementary School, to extend the sunset provision from August 1, 2020 to August 1, 2022, for 9 mobile units to remain on the campus.   memo  PLANNING BOARD REVIEW JULY 28


10. Reconvene Regular Meeting


11. Planning and Development Business


A. Receive  Report from Planning Board


B. Planning and Zoning Related Actions:


1) Motion 2020-1/text: to change the text to revise the standards for Outdoor Illumination  memo APPROVED


2) Administrative Amendment: Creek Bend Subdivision APPROVED


3) Discuss Code Enforcement  Plan for Eastwood Forest Subdivision INFORMATION ONLY; NO ACTION TAKEN


12. Consent Agenda  APPROVED


A. Approve Board of Commissioners Meeting Minutes:  June 22 Regular Meeting

B. Accept Zoning Application 2020-715/Williams Business Partners, LLC; 1700 Weddington Road; R-15 to R-12MF(CD); and Set Public Hearing for September 14, 2020

C. Approve  Resolutions and Interlocal Agreements for Town Insurance Coverage

D. Approve Phillips Village  Preliminary Plat

E. Approve Budget Ordinance Amendments to:

1) Roll Forward Fund Balance to Accommodate  Prior Year Encumbrances

2) Allocate Fund Balance for Leased Vehicle Payments in the Amount of $83,150.00

3) Transfer Tourism Fund-Fund Balance Toward Retention Wall Project in the Amount of  $55,000.00

4) Allocate Funds from Tourism Fund for Retention Wall Project in the Amount of  $55,000.00

5) Recognize Funds for Fence Damages as Squirrel Lake Park in the Amount of  $725.00


13. Unfinished Business


A. Receive  Update from NCDOT Regarding South Trade Street Culvert  INFORMATION ONLY; NO ACTION TAKEN


14. New Business


A. Consider Request from American Legion Regarding Veteran-Related  Improvements at Stumptown Park APPROVED

B. Consider Acceptance of Governor's Highway Safety Program  Grant for Police Department APPROVED


15. Mayor’s Report


16. Attorney’s Report


17. Town Manager’s Report 


18. Adjournment 



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