Off-Duty Employment Requests
Members of the police department are available for 'secondary' (off-duty) employment to private employers for traffic and/or police safety purposes. While working in this capacity, the police officers possess all statutory authorities and responsibilities as any sworn police officer and, while addressing the needs negotiated between the private employer and the town police department, he/she is still responsible to the authorities and directions of the police department.

Types of Services Provided

 > Traffic Direction - whether for schools, churches, construction companies or private businesses, the officer(s) will provide this safety-sensitive service in compliment to the normal traffic controls in the area

 > Property Safety - whether for a church, private business or shopping center, officers may perform this service in full uniform or in 'plain-clothes.'

 > Sporting Events - whether for traffic direction or property/event safety, officer(s) perform this service under the minimum staffing requirements dictated by the Secondary Employment Contract.

Contracting for Service

To inquire about contracting the assistance of a police officer for your event or business, contact our Secondary Employment Coordinator Sgt. David Ruby at: (704) 841-6755 or at  [email protected] 

To review and/or complete an online Contract & Application, just click here; when completed & signed, send or deliver to our Secondary Employment Coordinator as described above.

     School Traffic
      Patrol Division

      Capt. Stason Tyrrell
      (704) 841-6746
      [email protected]

      Sgt. Jamie Matthews
      Patrol Supervisor
      (704) 841-6762
      [email protected]

      Cpl. Lance Paugh
      Patrol Supervisor
      (704) 841-6750
      [email protected] 

      Sgt. David McGuirt
      Patrol Supervisor
      (704) 841-6735
      [email protected]

      Cpl. James Flack
      Patrol Supervisor
      (704) 841-6756
      [email protected]

      Sgt. Jeff Troyer
      Patrol Supervisor
      (704) 841-6768
      [email protected]

      Cpl. Brian Leadem
      Patrol Supervisor
      (704) 841-6773
      [email protected]

      Sgt. Fred Vaneekhoven
      Patrol Supervisor
      (704) 841-6790
      [email protected]

      Cpl. Steven Rozina
      Patrol Supervisor
      (704) 841-6769


      Town of Matthews, North Carolina


      Town of Matthews
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      Matthews, NC 28105

      Phone (704) 847-4411
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